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Aimed at exploring the possibility of visual media techniques in teaching methodology for Masters programmes and doctoral research, the Kochi based Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) is all set to implement a new learning strategy.

“The new learning strategy – Visual Problem Appraisal (VPA), is a film based educational tool, where the researchers and students meet the problem and its stakeholders through filmed narratives,” said Dr.A.Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor of KUFOS to The Woke Journal.

“This would help students and researchers for enhancing capability in problem analysis of complex issues and to facilitate the development of actions,” he added.

VPA is mainly used in workshop settings focusing on learning and change, or dealing with problem analysis and policy design. Tested and proved as a strong education tool in European universities, VPA was developed in the Netherlands by an inter-university research team.

According to Dr.A.Ramachandran, who did Visual Problem Appraisal (VPA) of Kerala’s coast in 2004 in collaboration with scientists from the Netherlands, a VPA set consists of a series of filmed interviews complemented with documentaries. These films provide particular perspectives on the contextual reality of the stakeholders.

The set gives prospect practitioners, civil society actors, decision- and policymakers an opportunity to watch and reflect on a series of stakeholder interviews. These filmed interviews and the accompanying documentaries offer the researchers and students a chance to explore the complex and conflictive arena of the issue at stake.

As a part of the initiative, KUFOS would be seen organizing a one-day Visual Problem Appraisal learning workshop at KUFOS seminar hall on November 26, 2019, in which Ph.D. Scholars, postgraduate students of various subjects including social sciences and faculty members of any education institution are invited to participate.

The workshop is organised as a pre-conference session of Kerala’s first international conference on Aquatic resources and blue economy (AQUABE 2019).

The last date for registering for participation VPA workshop is 20th November 2019. Those who are interested can register with Dr. T.V. Sankar (dr@kufos.ac.in), Dr. Maya Raman (mayaraman@kufos.ac.in) or Dr. Nevin K.G. (nevinkg@kufos.ac.in).

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