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New Delhi:

The upward trend in petrol rates continued on the sixth consecutive day on Tuesday, and the diesel prices also increased after remaining constant for six days in continuation.

The prices have been affected by the rise in the crude oil rates in the international market.

Accordingly, the petrol prices in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata have seen a hike of 15 paise/litre, and in Chennai, the rise is of 16 paise/litre. The diesel rates in all the four metro cities has increased by 5 paise/litre.

As per the Indian oil website, the petrol rates in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai were Rs 74.20/litre, Rs 76.89/litre, Rs 79.86/litre and Rs 77.13/litre respectively. The diesel prices, which remained unchanged for six consecutive days, however, showed an increase on Tuesday and the new rates were Rs 65.84/litre, Rs 68.25/litre, 69.06/litre and 69.59/litre respectively.

The Brent crude oil rates were on its highest in the last two months and have increased by $2 a barrel.

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