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Students in Pakistan have decided to come together under the Student Action Committee (SAC) for a Student Solidarity March at 50 places across the country on November 29.

The students are demanding better education facilities, reduction in fees, reinstatement of student unions, sexual equality and freedom of expression on the campuses. The progressive and leftist students have garnered the support of other sections of society including farmers and labourers. The protest will start at 2 p.m. in various cities across the country.

One of the several demands of the march’s participants is to lift restrictions that bar students from forming unions so that they can have their representatives on the campuses, Pak media reports said.

The various student organisations of the country and the Progressive Students’ Collective (PSC) formed a SAC on November 5 to raise the demands of the students.

The SAC said that it will continue to protest till the government agrees to its demands.

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