Malayalam Actor Dileep (Photo IANS)
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After the Supreme Court, last month ruled that Malayalam actor Dileep would not get a copy of the memory card containing footage of an alleged sexual assault, a case in which he has been charged, a trial court, here on Wednesday, refused the actor’s demand for a copy of the records.

The court, however, said the actor or his representative could examine the records on December 18. By next Monday, Dileep should file the request and should also name one expert whom he could bring along to examine records.

According to sources, Dileep is trying to delay the trial and with this development, he is expected to move the Kerala High Court against the trial court decision.

Dileep was not present in the court on Wednesday. However, other accused appeared before the trial court.

According to allegations, an actress was abducted and assaulted in a moving car on February 17, 2017. Dileep was arrested in connection with the case in July 2017.

Dileep has been named as a conspirator in the case and been charged with revenge crime.

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