Najma Akhtar. (File Photo: IANS)
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New Delhi:

Announcing that they will be filing an FIR on Sunday’s campus intrusion and assaults on students by Delhi Police, the Jamia Millia University authorities have demanded a thorough inquiry into the entire episode.

The authorities came down heavily on the Delhi Police forcibly entering the campus.

Addressing the media on Monday, the university Vice-Chancellor Najma Akhtar said that an FIR will be filed against the entry of police on the university campus.

Akhtar said that students are not being forcefully vacated from the hostels and that help is being provided to students to go to their homes safely.

The university authorities said they are yet to verify complaints of students that they were assaulted inside the mosque.

The VC said that a report is being prepared for the HRD Ministry and the matter will be taken up with the minister.

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