Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan. (Photo: IANS)
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Newly-appointed Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, who has been facing a series of protests ever since the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 was passed, on Monday said he is ready to have talks with the protesters.

Khan had to face protests last night when angry student and youth wings of both the CPI-M and the Congress marched to his official residence in the state capital.

On Monday morning, when he arrived at the Cochin University of Science and Technology near here, the police removed protesters from the site. The Governor had called a meeting of all the vice-chancellors in the state.

Later speaking to the media, he said that it’s normal for people to protest.

“I am even ready to have talks with the protesters. They can come to Raj Bhavan either individually or in groups. I am ready to meet them,” said Khan.

Barring the BJP and its organizations, all other political parties have taken to the streets to protest against the CAA. At several places in the state, trains were stopped and various Central Government organizations faced the ire of the protesters.

Of the 33 million population in Kerala, Muslims account for around 20 percent and Christians around 18 percent.

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