George Kurian, Vice-Chairman, National Commission for Minorities (Screengrab, Copyrights: indusscrolls)
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New Delhi:

Welcoming the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), National Minorities Commission has said that the new law is “good” for Christians.

In a statement issued on Monday, George Kurian, Vice-Chairman, National Commission for Minorities opined that being a minority in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh should not be a disqualification for obtaining justice in India.

The newly-enacted law which has been facing protests from various groups in India allows for citizenship to Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Kurian said that the new law should be welcomed by everyone.

Minorities, particularly Christians, have been at the receiving end in Pakistan as is evident from news reports that regularly emanate from the neighboring country.

“The NCM is flooded with messages from Christian leaders of all denominations across the country welcoming the new legislation. They tell me ‘justice has finally been done to Christians who are victims of draconian blasphemy laws, religious conversions and abductions’,” the statement noted.

Conceding that everyone has the right to oppose any legislation, Kurian also felt that if justice is meted out to certain minorities, then it should be welcomed.

He pointed out that minorities in India are safe and therefore do not migrate elsewhere, unlike minorities in neighboring countries.

The CAA does not affect the prospects of communities other than the six communities mentioned, he said.

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