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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed that it has intercepted a “number of known corruptors” at the Qatar T10 league following which it has opened several new investigations in the league. The global cricket body also confirmed that they were able to “disrupt corrupt activities” planned in the league.

The tournament, which was sanctioned by the ICC 12 months ago, saw participation from international players from South Africa, India, and Pakistan. However, the event that concluded on Monday, saw a raft of team changes in the days immediately before its start on December 7.

In a statement, the ICC said that its Anti-Corruption Unit was appointed by the organizers as the designated Anti-Corruption official.

“The ICC sanctioned this event 12 months ago based on the sound information provided by the organizers. However, substantial changes to both team ownership and the organizers just days before the event getting underway rang alarm bells for us and we applied additional investigative resources on the ground to address our concerns,” Alex Marshall General Manager, ICC Integrity Unit said.

“As a result, we have intercepted several known corruptors both in Qatar and globally and disrupted planned corrupt activity at the event. This has given rise to several new investigations for the ICC ACU team as we continue in our efforts to ensure cricket is a corruption-free sport,” he added.

The tournaments final saw Falcon Hunters beating the Swift Gallopers by four wickets.

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