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The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC, turned violent on Friday as police used water cannons against the protesters. The police have also deployed heavy security in the area and used violence to disperse the protesting crowd.

“There are people bleeding in the streets. They have really really brutally lathi-charged! There was a plain-clothed person also beating us up. People are hiding, they may even cut off internet soon,” tweeted Pinjra Thod, a women’s collective of students.

The students who were protesting in the area claimed that they were beaten on hands and legs. They also said that there are over 50 locals who were beaten up by police and sought the help of medical team.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police Public Relations Officer MS Randhawa says many security personnel have been injured in the violence at Delhi Gate, reports PTI. Randhawa said some outsiders were involved in the violence and they have been detained. As per reports, Delhi police have detained around 32 civilians in connection with the incident.

“We used mild force and water cannon, didn’t lathi-charge protesters or lob tear-gas shells,” Delhi Police said. However, the narrative from students suggests that Police had been extremely violent leaving protesters including children severely injured.

The violence near Delhi Gate came towards the end of a largely peaceful demonstration held in the area through the day.

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