Former Kerala Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Ooomen Chandy (Photo: Facebook)
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Former Kerala Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Oommen Chandy have appealed to the government to withdraw the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

“The BJP-led NDA government has failed on all fronts and hence to divert the attention of their failures, they are going forward with their party agenda. The CAA should be withdrawn,” said Chandy.

“In a democracy, what needs to be done is, when there is a natural protest, the authorities should hear them. But what is now happening in all forms of protests are being suppressed using the police and the Army. This does not augur well,” he added.

In Kerala, the traditional political rivals- the ruling CPI-M-led LDF and the Congress-led UDF earlier this week took part in a joint protest here as part of sending a strong message against CAA.

By and large, the state has not witnessed any violent protests after the CAA became a law

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