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World No. 2 Novak Djokovic has pledged to donate to Australia’s bushfire relief after Maria Sharapova urged him to do the same.

“Yes, Maria Sharapova. I would like to match your $25k donation to double the aid sent to these communities. We stand by you Australia,” Djokovic tweeted on Monday.

Sharapova has pledged $17,400 (25,000 AUSD) to Australia’s bushfire relief and urged Djokovic to do the same.

The duo becomes the latest of a host of tennis stars to donate to the cause after Australian Nick Kyrgios kick-started a wave of support from the sport earlier this week.

“The month of January in Australia has been my home for the past 15 years,” Sharapova wrote on Twitter.

“Watching the fires destroy the lands, its beautiful families and communities of animals is deeply (heartbreaking).

“I would like to begin my donation at 25K. Novak Djokovic, would you match my donation?”

An tennis exhibition match will be organised by Tennis Australia on January 15 in Melbourne in a bid to raise funds for bushfire relief and recovery efforts prior to the Australian Open.

Tennis Australia has already committed a A$100 donation for every ace served at the ATP Cup in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

With more than 1,500 aces expected to be served by singles and doubles players across both the group rounds and Final Eight in Sydney, the ATP Cup contribution is expected to exceed A$150,000.

Wildfires have raged across Australia for months, causing huge loss to life and property and burning about 6 million hectares (23,000 square miles) of bushland.

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