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Jaipur :

The youngest author to launch his book this year at the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF2020), scheduled on January 23-27 at Diggi Palace, here, is only 9-year-old and resident of the Rajasthan capital city.

The festival, according to Sanjoy Roy, Managing Director of Teamwork Arts, is especially important for children since they are the harbingers of change for issues being faced by the world today.

As many as 550 speakers will be participating in the festival. Of these, 120 are award-winning speakers. The broad themes include climate, constitution, poetry, and artificial intelligence.

Roy said even though all sessions of the JLF could be viewed on the internet, “the immersive experience of attending it in person is intangible. It becomes an integral part of experience and memory.”

“Festivals are immersive and magical experiences that create memories and stories. Therefore, they are not fading away or dying any time,” said Roy and added, this it was only apt to keep it open and accessible to all.

“The arts are a great way to address world issues in a way that is more acceptable and accessible,” he said.

Ajay Singha, the convener of the event, earlier welcomed the guests. The vote of thanks was extended by Jagdeep Singh

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