Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan.
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In a departure from Kerala Assembly conventions and precedence, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Wednesday before reading out the controversial CAA mentioned in his address to the Kerala Assembly said that even though he disagrees with his government’s view, he will still read it.

In the past what one has seen is, whenever the governor has any opposition to any statements in the address that he reads, that portion is not read.

“Before I read it, I will say, I have my reservations, although I hold the view that this is not part of the policy or programmes of the government, I honour the wish of the Chief Minister, though I don’t agree to it but I will read it,” said Khan and read out the Vijayan government’s opposition to the CAA.

Reacting to this, Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala who boycotted the governor’s address said he feels ashamed of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who has fallen at the feet of the governor to read out the address, as was pointed out by the governor himself.

Earlier in the day, the Congress-led opposition waylaid Khan in the floor of the assembly amidst shouting of slogans, it was only after the legislators were forcefully removed, was Khan able to move forward to the podium to read out his address to the assembly.

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