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Peeved over the malfunctioning microphone during a district administrative meeting, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday ordered a probe, calling it a security lapse.

Banerjee got disturbed after the microphone started emanating noise while she was speaking at the Nadia district administrative meeting in Krishnanagar, where top bureaucrats and police officers were present.

Banerjee asked the officials to present whether the sound was coming from the mic and wondered why it was happening.

“Why will there be such a loud noise from the mic? This means there is a security lapse. It was not checked properly. There are so many officials present here,” said Banerjee.

The chief minister continued with the microphone but got miffed more as it went dead for a brief period before emitting a noise again.

“It seems there have been lapses. There will be an inquiry. These days one cannot take everything for granted. We are going through a very bad time now,” said Banerjee.

Thereafter the microphone functioned perfectly till the end of the meeting.

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