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Seeking an intervention in the petition filed before the Supreme Court concerning the removal of anti-CAA protesters at Shaheen Bagh, Bhim Army Chief Chandra Shekhar Azad and former CIC Wajahat Habibullah filed a plea in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The Supreme Court on Monday had raised questions on how the demonstrators can block a public road for a long time. At the same time, it said that all parties need to be heard.

“The protests have been going on for over 50 days, you can wait. We like to hear the other side,” Justice Kaul said.

In a joint petition, filed by Azad, Habibullah and Bahadur Abbas Naqvi who is a resident of Shaheen Bagh it is said that authorities have intentionally put blockades on alternate routes so that there is an inconvenience to commuters.

“The allegation of road blockade by protestors is just an excuse,” the petition read. It also reminded that any direction to stop the protests would have a “far-reaching impact on human rights of the citizens of this country.”

According to reports, the transport issue in Delhi is not because of the Shaheen Bagh blockade alone. Two alternative routes that could have been used by commuters have been barricaded by Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police.

The Supreme Court has scheduled the next hearing on February 17. It had agreed to hear all the parties before taking up a decision on the case and had sent notices to the Delhi government and Delhi police.

Shaheenbagh had turned out to be the epicentre of anti-CAA protests as thousands of women and children had been protesting in the site since December 15th.

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