Supreme Court Advocates at Shaheen Bagh Protest Site
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The Supreme Court-appointed interlocutors’ attempt to shift the protesters from Shaheen Bagh turned out to be futile, yet again.¬†Senior lawyer Sadhna Ramachandran along with Sanjay Hegde visited Shaheen Bagh on Thursday to interact with the protesting crowd.

“We are thankful that you came. Now you ask the government to roll back this act. We are forced by the government to sit on the streets,” said the protesters.

The mediation team was not ready to start the discussion in the presence of media.

Trying to pacify the crowd, Sadhna said, ” We just want to find out a solution, hence, we want you to gather at any wide area on the road and then we will discuss the things. By doing this you will remain to be in Shaheen Bagh.”

However, the protesters shouted back at her that they won’t shift.¬† After this Senior lawyer, Hegde said that Supreme Court wants to protect the rights of protesters, but they will have to shift to some other place.

“When Shaheen Bagh has become an example of protests in India, let us set an example of a protest that does not disturb anybody. You all must be rest assured that we are here to fight for you. Don’t think if you change your spot, your fight will die down,” he said.

Both the lawyers failed to convince the protesters.

“We are on the streets for two months but no one came to us. This movement is not only for Shaheen Bagh but for the whole country. If the Shaheen Bagh shifts, it will weaken the movement across the nation,” a woman said.


Replying to this, Hegde said, ” you might be worried that no one will come for a mediation talk with you if you shift from here. But I ensure you that till the time we are here no one can stop your voices reaching the SC.”

Givin them a final offer Sadhna said that they will return on Friday and will interact with them in groups. She also said that unless a group of 10-15 is not made, they would not return.

The protesters were further angered with this almost warning kind of response from Sadhna.

“There are not here to hold any dialogue. They just want to open the road. They are not concerned about our problems. They are telling us to talk in groups. What will we talk about? 10 women will go and only one will speak,” one of the protesters said.

Threatening the crowd, Ramachandran said that the matter will be forwarded to SC if they can’t find a solution.

“The matter will be forwarded to the Supreme Court and it will do the rest. Also, if it happens, the government will do what it wants, we won’t be able to do anything,” she said.

According to reports, the transport issue in Delhi is not because of the Shaheen Bagh blockade alone. Two alternative routes that could have been used by commuters have been barricaded by Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police.

Shaheenbagh had turned out to be the epicenter of anti-CAA protests as thousands of women and children had been protesting in the site since December 15th.

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