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The Health Commission of China on Monday, confirmed that the novel coronavirus had claimed 150 more lives. With this, the toll in China rose to 2,952. In the midst of outbreak, China declared the crisis to be their largest health emergency.

However, the number of new cases have considerable reduced.

Here is what you need to know:

China eases restrictions

Though the recent reports show a sharp increase in the new cases, with the Virus now being reported at a mass scale from Iran, Italy and South Korea, China released the restrictions on travel to most places including Beijing.

The National Health Commission in China reported 409 new cases, most of which are from Hubei province. This brought the total number of confirmed cases in China to 77,150.

Meanwhile outside China, the outbreak has spread to about 29 countries and territories and has claimed more than two dozen lives.

“Corona has the fastest transmission, widest range of infection and has been the most difficult to prevent and control,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said.

“The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia will inevitably have a relatively big impact on the economy and society,” he added.

“For us, this is a crisis and is also a big test.”

South Korea declares ‘Red Alert’

South Korea has reported 161 new coronavirus cases on Monday, taking the total toll of infected to 763-the highest outside China till date. According to AFP reports, there has been a rapid upsurge of cases in the country since a series of infections were reported among those belonging to a religious sect in the southern city of Daegu.

School holidays were extended for one more week in South Korea and passengers from China are being thoroughly examined. The country also postponed K-league football tournaments, in the face of growing number of cases.

“The K-league has decided to temporarily postpone the start of the 2020 K-league season until the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak eases,” it said in a statement.

Italy imposes draconian rules

Italy, one of the worst hit in Europe, imposed stringent measures and draconian rules including fines on people caught leaving or entering virus-affected areas. The country has confirmed three deaths so far.

According to reports of guardian, the number of affected people stands at 152. Shops, Schools have been closed and Venice carnival has been cancelled in the wake of the outbreak.

Police are patrolling 11 towns – mostly in the Lombardy region, where the first locally transmitted case emerged – that have been in lock down since Friday night.

“From this evening, we plan to stop the carnival and all sporting activities until March 1,” said regional president Luca Zai while announcing measures to combat the deadly virus.

50 deaths from Iran

Meanwhile, Iran reported 43 cases and authorities have traced its emergence in Iran to Qom. The virus has so far claimed 50 lives.

Iran also has  concerns regarding the availability of diagnostic equipment because of the ban that United States has imposed on the country.

WHO has helped Iran with four European-made sets of diagnostic equipment while more are on the way.

The virus which is said to be originated from the seafood market of Wuhan in China has already claimed close to 2200 lives.

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