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It is not the first time that US President is welcomed with protests. As POTUS landed Ahmedabad today, Twitter is trending with #GoBackTrump hashtags. The hashtag had been tweeted over 53 thousand times against the 6 thousand tweets with the hashtag #WelcomeTrump.

Trump will be in India for 36 hours, along with him would be a 12 member delegation including his daughter and son-in-law. Ahead of the visit, India also poured 14,000 litres of clean water to Yamuna, to get rid of the foul smell. Taj Mahal received a mud pack treatment and walls and bridges got a fresh coat of paint.


Twitter witnessed a war of words with people treating under two hastags ‘#GobackTrump’ and ‘#NamasteTrump.’ Here are some of the tweets:

The Great Wall of Ahmedabad

Ahead of Trump’s visit, a four feet high wall was erected in Ahmedabad, to hide the squalor of the slum, that is located along the roadside where a Trump-Modi roadshow is scheduled. The municipality has no clear reasons when asked about the construction.

“We decided, in consultation with slum dwellers to build a wall to prevent encroachment and secondly to save trees which were getting damaged,” Ahmedabad municipal commissioner Vijay Nehra told The Hindu. However, they have no proper reasons regarding the urge with which it was built.

However, as per reports of the Quartz, the slum dwellers are highly displeased with the new wall. “All this government wants to do is hide us. If they can’t see us, our problems cease to exist,” one of them told the news site.

The city is also said to be filled with “larger-than-life” cut outs of Trump and Modi. 14 million dollars have been spent in ‘modi’fying Ahmedabad alone to entertain Trump for 36 hours.


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