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“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
_Martin Luther King

Delhi is burning, bleeding. The secular fabric of the country is being questioned in this organized attack against Muslims. Photos and videos of the violence, that are doing rounds in social media show the horrifying scene in the national capital which left 10 people dead.

What is even more horrifying than the visuals that are coming out is the sheer indifference and silence that are displayed by media which have been focussing on Trump’s visit while either totally ignoring or spreading false narratives about what is going on in Delhi.

Twitterati, however, openly called out many activists and journalists who had been silent when the city was witnessing the state-sponsored terror. Here are a few:

Not what we want to project when POTUS is here, Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi Razdan the executive editor of NDTV, had been posting in her twitter updates of Trump’s visit since morning yesterday. In between, she posted an update that said, “Terrible news coming in from Delhi as protests around the CAA turn violent. One cop has been killed. Not what we want to project when the US President is here.”

The journalist seemed to be more concerned about the image of India, before Modi rather than the fact that the capital was burning.

“It is not about trump’s presence or absence – it is all about Indian’s oppressed by new era Hitler governance,” twitter users can be seen educating Nidhi. Many users also called out the journalist for being insensitive. 

We choose not to show some videos, Barkha Dutt

Meanwhile,  Barkha Dutt, another renowned journalist was seen to be tweeting “The violence in Delhi is taking a distinct communal turn. We are choosing to not show some of the videos in the interest of not inflaming the situation further. But there is an urgent need for this situation to brought under control. #Delhi

When lot many visuals are doing rounds in the social media and mainstream media giving ambiguous narratives, it is unclear as to why Barkha would restrain herself from publishing the visuals that she has.

Twitterati has also slammed Barkha  for calling the organized attack, ‘violence.’

A clash between two groups says Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep Sardesai was also seen worrying about the image that the US President would have about India.

Sabina Bhasa responding to the tweet asked,” Where are the pictures of anti-CAA throwing stones, shooting? Can only see people carrying saffron flags and police throwing stones.”

India has a state guest in the National Capital tomorrow, Yogendra Yadav

Yogendra Yadav also seemed to be upset with the fact that the attack unleashed at a time when India is hosting a guest.

The activist who had always projected him as an ally of the anti CAA protest wrote on Twitter, “No matter what our views about Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump, India has a state guest in the national capital tomorrow. May I appeal to anti-CAA movement to refrain from organizing any fresh protests while @POTUS is in Delhi. That would be in keeping with the spirit of the movement.”

Responding to the tweet journalist Asad Ashraf wrote, ” There is no need to call him out, troll him or abuse him. Next time when Yogendra Yadav comes to join you at the protest, with folded hands request him to leave. That will be the best response to him. We would rather have no allies that having people like him as an ally. This tweet doesn’t come as big surprise to me though.”

Executive editor of Caravan, Vinod K Jose also slammed the mainstream media for their silence on the issue.

“Delhi is burning. Markets are set on fire. Journalists are attacked. Two people are already killed. Some say more. Thousands are scared of what to expect in the night. But the lapdog media isn’t showing what it must—it is busy showing Trump-Modi hugs and holding hands,” he wrote on Facebook.

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