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After two days of organized violence on Muslims that claimed 35 lives, a brittle quiet settled over parts of riot-hit northeast Delhi. Many grieving family members are waiting outside hospitals to receive the body of their dear ones.

The reports from the hospital suggest that most of those who were admitted had several kinds of injuries, including from gunshots, stones, and other weapons and many were hurt while jumping from rooftops to escape the rioters.

And it did not come as a shock that police were complicit in this violence, given the history of Delhi police throughout the anti-CAA protests.

Here are 10 questions we would like to ask Amit Shah who had served as home minister of Gujarat, back in 2002 during the Muslim pogrom and who currently is the home minister of the central cabinet.

1. Why were no actions taken against Kapil Mishra who incited the Hindu crowd?

BJP leader Kapil Mishra had gathered a Hindu mob near the Maujpur-Babarpur Metro Station which is nearly two kilometers from the Jaffrabad anti-CAA protest site. The Hindu mob unleashed violence at Jaffrabad and Maujapur area immediately after the meeting with Mishra was dispersed.

Mishra had tweeted, ” We have given a three-day ultimatum to the Delhi Police to get the road cleared. Get the Jafrabad and Chandbagh road cleared.” Mishra is also said to have incited the crowd and the videos released on social media shows that police officers were present next to Mishra when he made the comments.

When it is crystal-clear as to who instigated it, why is he still roaming free?

2. Why was your police seen pelting stones?

At Khajuri Khas where the Hindu terrorists burnt the shops of Muslim men and attacked many of them severely, the police are seen to be pelting stones along with them.

Police that should have brought the situation under control was but adding fuel to fire. While during the first half of the attack on anti-CAA protesters, police played the role of a mute spectator, in the second half we see them participate in it directly, attacking the Muslim crowd.

Was this directive given to the police by the Centre? If not, why haven’t you condemned your police force, yet?

3. Why did your police deny ambulance service to those injured?

The violence from the end of the police did not end with just stone-pelting. According to reports, Police denied the entry of ambulance that was on the way to aid people who were badly shot and were profusely bleeding.

Faizan, who was in the riot-hit area to drop off some items to an acquaintance was shot at 11 am. And as per bystanders, “Police have been turning away ambulances that have tried to reach him.” Finally, he was given medical help at 5 in the evening.

Delhi police joint CP Alok Kumar and the Rapid Action Force’s Bhavesh Chaudhury were both in the area. Did you direct your police to leave the injured bleeding?

4. Why did the violence break out only in those areas ruled by BJP?

Telegraph reported that a unique pattern that emerged out of the Delhi violence.

“Five of the eight seats the BJP won in the 70-member Assembly fall in northeast Delhi where rioting took place,” reports the newspaper.

“The communal polarization in these areas had worsened in the run-up to the election as several BJP leaders had delivered hate speeches. The seeds of hatred were sown then and it was waiting to erupt. The provocative statements by BJP leader Kapil Mishra on Sunday only stirred the communal pot already simmering for nearly a month,” a retired Delhi police commissioner told the newspaper.


Courtesy: Telegraph

Do you remember how vicious and polarising was the election campaign in those areas? Do you remember your Baburpur campaign speech? The one in which you urged voters to press the EVM button with such “anger” that the “current” was felt at Shaheen Bagh?

5. Why did it take you three days to break your silence in the issue?

Forget that Amit Shah failed to act, he has even forgotten to respond on the issue. The home minister is still maintaining public silence on the issue.

On Sunday evening the unrest broke put, which escalated the next two days. Reminding us of the Gujarat pogrom 2002, Hindu houses were marked with a Saffron flag so that they won’t be attacked.  Everyone in the field knew that a riot was about to break?

Courtesy: Telegraph

But missing from the scene was Home minister Amit Shah who at one side was tweeting about ‘Veer’ Savarkar and on the other hand was busy making a perfect field for the riot to break out.

Did you not notice that Delhi was burning and bleeding? Oh, you were you busy tweeting about #NamasteTrump and paying homage to Savarkar.  When will you respond to the unequivocal violence that has been perpetrated on Muslim bodies?

6. Will you have the guts to arrest BL Santhosh?

BL Santhosh came out expressing his rejoice over the attack on Muslims at Jaffrabad. The General Secretary of BJP wrote on Twitter, “Jaffrabad Metro protest area totally cleared. The game starts now. Rioters need to be taught a lesson or two of Indian laws. #PlannedDelhiRiots.”

Courtesy: The Print

He later deleted the tweet and re-posted it without “the game starts now.”

Would you ever show the guts to arrest all those leaders from BJP who had been in an attempt to incite the mob for the past two months?

7. Why was Khalid Saifi arrested?

Your police had arrested activist and founding member of ‘United Against Hate’ Khalid Saifi. And now he has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days. He was detained Yesterday from the Kureji protest site and has been accused under IPC Sec 307 (Attempt to Murder).

While most of the aforementioned members of your party who had been complicit in violence are roaming around freely, why was Saifi arrested?

8. Why was Justice Muralidhar who commented on the police complicity transferred? 

Delhi High Court judge, Justice S Muralidhar – who had criticized the central government, the state as well as the police for the violence in North East Delhi – has been transferred to the Punjab and Haryana High Court, that too overnight.

While three transfers were recommended together, only Justice Murlidhar’s notification was issued immediately after he blasted the police in Delhi riots.  And while judges are normally given 10 days in a transfer, he had been asked to move with immediate effect. Why was he transferred? Is it because he criticized your police?

9. Why did your police beat up the students of Jamia who were protesting?

Yesterday, the Alumni Association of Jamia Millia Islamia (AAJMI) and Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC) had organized a demonstration outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence, seeking action against those responsible for violence in the national capital and restoration of peace in the city.

Your police used water cannons against the peacefully protesting students (yes, the same police that pelted stones and watched Muslims getting killed on streets) and students also complained that they were brutally beaten up, Why?

10. Why is the media denied entry?

Many reporters from the field have given out the information that police had been directed to see if journalists are reporting fair(?)ly. It is also suggested that permission from police is necessary before reporting.

Stopped from reporting and escorted out of Chandbagh street by police. Says need permission from Police to report….

Shaheen Abdulla ?????? ? ??????? ?????? ????????? ???????, ???????? 27, 2020

Several journalists were brutally attacked in the riot. Why is it that now your police have to keep out media? Are you scared of the media?

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