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The global death toll in the coronavirus outbreak crossed 3000 on Monday with 42 fatalities being reported from Hubei province, China. However, China also reported the lowest daily tally of fresh infection since the outbreak last year, with 202 new cases.

The virus which emerged in Hubei province last year has now spread across the globe, with cases being reported from more than 60 countries. In China, the number of cases that are being reported is seeing a declining trend. There were only 6 confirmed cases outside Hubei.

The United States and Australia have now reported their first fatalities while infection nearly doubled in Italy, one of the worst-hit in Europe.

South Korea reports 500 new cases

One of the largest outbreak outside of China, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that four people died overnight and 500 new cases of the virus were confirmed.

As of now, 22 people have died and 4,212 are infected with the virus in South Korea.

Meanwhile, officials in Seoul have accused Shincheonji- a Christian church where the first cases were reported- of being liable for the outbreak, as they did not co-operate with efforts to stop the disease.

“The situation is this serious and urgent, but where are the leaders of the Shincheonji, including Lee Man-hee, the chief director of this crisis?” Park Won-Soon, mayor of Seoul said in a post on his Facebook page late on Sunday

New York confirms the first case

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New York State confirmed its first positive coronavirus test, Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed on Sunday night. The U.S. government also has said that it would start screening travelers for the virus and hike the production of protective masks.

Meanwhile, Washington has reported two deaths. The person who died belongs to the same nursing home where the two cases of the virus were previously reported.

The man was in his 70s, according to Reuters, citing local health officials.

As of Sunday night, 88 cases of coronavirus had been identified in the United States.

Iran is struggling


While the official death toll is 34 in Iran, an independent investigation from BBC suggests that the actual number can be close to 200.

Meanwhile, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi dismissed the United State’s offer of help.

“The claim to help Iran confront coronavirus by a country that has imposed expansive pressures on the Iranian nation through its economic terrorism and has even blocked the way for the purchase of medical equipment and medicines is ridiculous and a political-psychological game,” he said.

Italy: 50% rise in cases

Italy reported a 50 percent increase in coronavirus cases, on Sunday. Meanwhile, Italy’s Civil Protection Authority has reported that there is a total of 1694 confirmed coronavirus cases. Thirty-four people have died so far.

Many cities and towns on the north side of the country have been locked down, banning people from entering and/or leaving the affected areas. It has also suspended many public events and has closed attractions including its museums. The measure effectively put an estimated 100,000 people under quarantine.

But despite stringent measures and draconian laws, Italy could not yet bring down the number of cases that are being reported.


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