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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Daily Archives: 9th March 2020

Holi in blood : Carnage in Shiv Vihar

Burnt houses, vandalized mosques, traumatized people who are now taunted by the apathy of the government- this is what Shiv Vihar has to offer this Holi

Shame Hoardings: How UP government is putting common lives in danger

He was however not done. Taking his vengeance one step further, he ordered to put up hoardings carrying the photographs and personal details of the protesters in the strategic traffic points in Lucknow. 

Saudi: Royal family members arrested for alleged coup, the story so far

It "sent a message to anyone in the royal family feeling disenfranchised: Stop grumbling and toe the line, because if Prince Ahmed can be arrested, any prince can and will be." 

From Crisis to Catastrophe: US Trade War, Iran and Corona Outbreak

The "maximum pressure strategy" is a cruel and inhuman tactic thrown at an already stigmatized country. It can never be a legitimate foreign policy tool, by any rationale.