Shiv Vihar (Screen-grab, Copyrights: PTI Photo)
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It is yet another Holi season. The time when one shall celebrate the victory of good over evil. Shiv Vihar should have been in a festive mood. But there isn’t much to celebrate. There had been no such victory.

Buildings are burnt down, houses looted, people killed, mosques desecrated and everything has to be built from scratch.

A war zone

Delhi (Screen-grab, Copyrights: PTI)

More than a week has passed since Delhi witnessed a pogrom. And reports from the ground suggest that Shiv Vihar looks nothing less than a war zone. The lanes are filled with remnants of whatever was burnt- vehicles, documents, books, clothes, people- anything and everything that came in the way of a hysteric Hindu mob.

Burnt houses, vandalized mosques, traumatized people who are now taunted by the apathy of the government- this is what Shiv Vihar has to offer this Holi

The pictures released from the area have a grim story to tell, so does the people.

Gulshan and Nasruddin returned to their father’s house in Shiv Vihar to find a burnt house. Their father Anwar was burnt alive.

All that Ahmed could get back from the remnants of his burnt down house were some documents, while nothing was left unburnt at Muhammed Zakir’s house.

Bodies were pulled out from drains. There are unreported cases of molestation and rape. All that Shiv Vihar has to offer are stories of people who were ruthlessly traumatized.

Hope amidst despair

Shiv Vihar (Screen-grab, Courtesy: Times of India)

But Shiv Vihar’s story also offers some hope. In the midst of the carnage, a couple of Hindu households offered shelter to 20 members of two Muslim families.

“I do not know what happened, a mob entered my shop and vandalized it. I somehow managed to save my life while my family members were rescued by my neighbor Pankaj Gupta.

As we share a terrace, he jumped to our side and helped my family get to his terrace. He safely took them to his house,” Muhammed Rizwan who was saved said The Hindu.

Last year around this time, the liberals were all busy celebrating the communal harmony ad of surf excel. Today, communal harmony has been made a joke in the country.

Holi was the day when Holika was burnt down. Many read it as the burning down of the ‘other’ woman. In Shiv Vihar, Hinduthwa celebrated Holi by burning down the rage of women. The women who openly challenged a leader by taking it to the streets.

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