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India is repeatedly getting mentioned in John Oliver’s popular show, last week tonight, all thanks to Narendra Modi and his die-hard fan Arnab Goswami. However, Indian’s missed their chance to watch the hilarious episode as the streaming platform Hotstar silently choose to omit the episode.

The move soon sparked a new controversy in the country. Here is how the war of words unfolded:

“Stupid at best, and dangerous at worst”

The Emmy award-winning satirist, Oliver talked in detail about the anti-CAA protests happening across India.

“But while Modi may have charmed (Bear) Grylls, the world and our current president (Trump), within India, he’s an increasingly controversial figure,” Oliver said.

Suggesting that CAA and NRC are part of a deliberate attempt to marginalize and single-out Muslims, Oliver went on to explain how the Modi government is escalating the campaigns of persecution against religious minorities.

He then used the chance to take a dig at Trump’s reference to Modi as the “father of India” and said that it is “stupid at best, and dangerous at worst”. He also made comments on Hindu nationalism, RSS, demonetization among others.

And guess who was hurt? Modiji’s very own Arnab Goswami

“Ignoramus of exceedingly global proportions”

Goswami whose sentiments seemed deeply hurt, went on a rant insulting the host. He called Oliver a “third rate comedian”, an “ignoramus of exceedingly global proportions” who had “embarrassed himself”.

He also said that Oliver was “not even smart to be a satirist.” Mocking the host, Arnab said that even his “good morning” and “good evening” were written down for him by his team of researchers.

The Indian journalist also embarrassed himself by mispronouncing Olivers name as  “John Olivier”

Arnab Goswami (Screen-grab, Copyrights: Men’s World)

In the episode aired on 23rd February Oliver had called Modi a “temporary symbol of hate” which India, the “eternal symbol of love”, does not deserve.

Who the f*** do you think you’re talking to?

Arnab Goswami, however, was welcomed with a special mention in Oliver’s show.

Addressing Goswami’s harsh and non-sensical comments, Oliver said, “I’ll give you ignoramus. I’ll even give you a third-rate TV host, my researchers assure me that’s an actual compliment. But I embarrassed myself? Who the f*** do you think you’re talking to?…I’m beyond the capacity for shame. You can’t hurt me!”

He also referred to Arnab as a “die-hard Modi supporter” and “India’s Tucker Carlson.”  Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is an American conservative journalist and political commentator, who is also a Trump-bhakt. (Make sense now, doesn’t it?)

He also went on to slam Hotstar. Stating that there was no evidence that the Indian government had made the streaming platform do it he said, “As best we can tell, Hotstar just decided to self-censor, which is not good.”

Censoring parts of news satire episodes is however not new in India. Earlier, Comedy Central India’s Facebook page had posted a seemingly self-censored clip from ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.’

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