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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Daily Archives: 18th March 2020

Corona Outbreak is stressful but mental health is important

Our cities might be locked down, and we might be isolated in homes, but it is important to talk and spread support and solidarity.  

Overnight renaming of campus road, When Savarkar sparked a fresh row in JNU

“We can never ever accept apologists and stooges of the British who undermined our secular fabric. Let’s respect those who gave us our constitution,” Aishee Ghosh tweeted along with the new picture from the site. 

An Immersive Future of live cinema, when Disney teams up with Secret Cinema

The company is known for mixing film with live music, art, theatre, and dance to create cinematic worlds that are open to exploration by the viewers. 

‘Meme-d’ ; When memes are used to cope with Coronavirus panic

Between coronavirus test and mask shortages, business and university closures, home quarantine and isolation wards and the media which at the moment is updating too much,  stressed individuals are in need of a distraction from the chaos and it seems most of them have found their resort and peace in online memes.

When Delhi police entered India Art Fair

Though the IAF management decided this year to turn their back at the turbulent political environment in the country, the artists, had found their own ways to express solidarity with the protesting crowd of Delhi.