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Health care workers are one of the worst affected in the coronavirus crisis. Reports suggest that most of them are working under extremely stressful conditions and are suffering from mental health issues.

Meanwhile, Australia has come up with an initiative to thank their health workers. The initiative called “adopt a healthcare worker” was initiated by West Australian, Chris Nicholas, to help people find one in their neighborhood who they could offer help to. Chris is offering help through a Facebook page working under the same name.

Chris thought maybe 100 would get on board – but instead, thousands have joined, offering to lend a hand. Here is what he says about the initiative:

“We’re looking at well over 55,000 people. We’re really focused on the healthcare workers with this particular group. It’s not that we don’t understand that there are going to be lots of people who are in need during this time – but it’s just trying to keep the mission very clear.

It’s about offering a support network – people are cooking meals for them, stocking their freezer, helping to clean up, or walking their dogs.

The initial idea was to put things in place for when things ramp up – but the overwhelming response has been that it’s already needed. I myself did a quick run across Perth to drop off some pajamas to a nurse who’s in isolation.

I’m now managing a team of over 50 admin and moderators for the different pages – it’s a big task. And we’re now in every state and territory, except for the Northern Territory – so if someone wants to set that up, get in contact with me.”

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