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State Health Minister K.K. Shailaja on Tuesday reiterated that there should be no event where people gather and it applies to retirement functions as well with a host of government officials set to end their career on the day.

“Yesterday the Chief Minister made it very clear that today (March 31st) a good number of officials retire. He has said that even if there is none to take over charge, it will be deemed that the charge has been handed over and the official has retired.

“I am deeply pained to see that, why are people not understanding things about keeping away from gatherings, at these times,” said Shailaja.

In Kerala, on the day a large number of government officials are ending their official career on superannuation and the general norm on this day is — after a send-off meeting at the office, the retired official is taken in a convoy of vehicles to his house by his colleagues. Then there is a sumptuous meal.

“If any such thing happens, then strict action will be there. It’s sad that despite all these announcements, even educated people do this,” said a peeved Shailaja.

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