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French President Emmanuel Macron said that the country’s coronavirus lockdown will be extended till May 11.

“The confinement… the strictest… will pursue till Monday, May the 11th,” Macron said on Monday in his televised address to the nation, as four weeks of lockdown in the country has produced some positive effects in containing the spread of coronavirus, reported Xinhua news agency.

He said May 11 will mark the start of a new phase in France. From then on, nurseries and schools will reopen progressively; restaurants, cafes, hotels will remain closed; all people showing COVID-19 symptoms will be tested.

“The hope is reborn but nothing is won,” Macron noted, adding “In the Grand Est (the region in northeast France) as in the Paris region, the (health) system is under pressure. The epidemic is still not controlled,”

“We should, therefore, pursue with our efforts and continue to apply the rules,” he said.

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