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Following Home Ministry’s decision about the opening of shops as part of the easing of lockdown restrictions announced on April 15 with neighbourhood shops and others being allowed within the city and all shops except those in malls allowed outside the municipal limits with 50 per cent strength of workers, the Gujarat government is yet to decide on the easing of restrictions, depending on the ground situation.

State Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said on Saturday that after mulling over the notification, a decision will be taken by the Gujarat government shortly to grant permission for this relaxation to be effective in the state.

Talking to reporters, Patel said, “The central government’s notification issued last night has allowed for small shops in the state to be opened in rural areas. Even in the municipal corporation as well as municipalities, small shops and commercial activities can be opened while maintaining a distance, which shall be decided by the local authorities. This is a good decision as small trades and commercial activities were hugely affected since more than a month of nationwide lockdown.”

The Deputy Minister said that shortly during the day, a meeting will take place to issue further orders from the Gujarat government accordingly.

“A decision regarding this will be taken in a meeting shortly today at the CM residence. We will study the notification, the pros and cons of the relaxation, as the lockdown is still in effect till the May 3rd and we will decide on further issuance of orders accordingly,” Patel added.

Saturday is a 32nd day of the nationwide lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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