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The first train that came into Kerala on Friday early morning after almost 50 days from Delhi brought in 1087 people, who got down at three stations.

The first stop was at Kozhikode, late Thursday and then at Ernakulam and it arrived in the state capital at 5.10 a.m. on Friday.

At all the three stations, the police and health authorities kept a close tab on all the passengers who got down and were examined in batches of 20.

The first step was a health check up and at Kozhikode, six people who had symptoms were moved to a hospital.

While at Ernakulam there were none with any symptoms, one passenger who got down here, was sent to a hospital.

At all the three stations, the baggage was first disinfected and then given to the passengers.

The general protocol is those with no symptoms should be in isolation in their homes for 14 days. They were allowed to go to their homes in private/taxi vehicles and those from the neighbouring districts was sent to their homes in state transport buses.

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