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Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday said there were 12 new cases of coronavirus in the state, taking the total number of positive cases currently under treatment to 142.

“All 12 came from outside — four from abroad and the rest from outside the state. We were holding on with fewer cases, but the situation has now changed, as expected with the arrival of our people from abroad and within the country. We still have not reached the stage of a community spread because of our strong containment strategy,” said Vijayan.

Till Tuesday, 642 people have been reported positive for coronavirus in the state. Of these 53 came from abroad and 46 from other states who came by road and six by ships.

“Lockdown norms have been relaxed, therefore, all should be very cautious. Up to now, 72,000 people from outside the state have returned. More and more will be coming back. We know things are tough, but everyone will be brought back,” said Vijayan.

“It has come to our notice that some restaurants are serving food within their premises; this is not allowed. Only parcel services are allowed. Reports have also come where private tuition centres have resumed work. This should not happen. Similarly, more people are now arriving at hospitals. This is not good as any wrong move would be detrimental if protocols are not followed,” said Vijayan.

“Examinations are now scheduled. All arrangements will have to be ensured by the education authorities for the smooth conduct,” added Vijayan.

“Today there were reports that some migrant labourers in Kannur and a few other places came out of their camps and demanded that they wanted to go back. Some of them tried to go to Odisha on bicycles. Our officials took care of them and have informed them that they would be sent back by trains very soon,” said the CM.

He said the police would begin a campaign for wearing face masks as 2,036 people were on Tuesday found without the masks.

He pointed out that there are 71,545 people under observation in homes while 455 are in various hospitals.

There are 33 hotspot areas in Kerala, the CM added.

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