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Lucknow will open up in parts from Thursday as per the orders issued by the District Magistrate.

The activities in the containment zones will remain under lockdown and only those in essential services will move into these areas.

In other areas, shops will open on the left and right basis. Shops on the left pavement will open on one day while shops on the right side will open on the following day.

Restaurants will open but only for home delivery and all raw material that has been stored since before the lockdown will not be used now.

Sweet shops will also open but no customer will be allowed to sit inside. Social distancing will be ensured all the time.

The CCTV cameras with one-month back up will be installed in all these establishments.

District magistrate, Abhishek Prakash said that all workers in these establishments will be regularly tested through thermal scanning and the work area will be regularly sanitized.

Bakeries will also be allowed takeaways while barber shops will also open. Both will maintain a register in which the name and mobile numbers of all customers will be noted.

All restaurants and eateries will remain closed one day in a week so that sanitizations can take place.

Parks will be allowed to remain open for three hours in the morning and two hours in the evening and street vendors will also be allowed to conduct business.

Dry cleaners and printing press will also be allowed to remain open from Thursday.

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