Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan (Screengrab, Copyrights: The Indian Express)
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Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday said that 24 new cases of coronavirus were detected in the state, taking the total number of positive cases presently under treatment to 161.

Till Wednesday, 666 people have become positive in the state.

“Of the 24 new cases, 12 came from abroad, and 11 from within the country. We had pointed out yesterday itself that we are going forward precariously. Lockdown norms are now in place and maybe stringent measures have to be taken in certain areas, as more and more people from outside the state as well as from abroad are coming. The first flight from abroad came on May 7. The next day there were only 16 positive cases here and after that new positive cases have been increasing daily and today it’s 161,” said Vijayan.

“Covid-19 came into our state not because of the fault of anyone. The need of the hour is where the disease is and then we do the planning to see it does not spread and that’s our objective. We took a strong stand on the entry of people and nothing else needs to be looked into it. I say this because some vested interests are spreading canard. Many who arrive do not have the disease, but some have it. It’s here, where we should be alert and it’s for that we are taking strong measures,” said Vijayan.

“Our diaspora is our own dear and near ones and none should ever feel that we are against such people. Here, some sections are trying to create unnecessary friction over this and our appeal to all is none should try to create any fissures,” added Vijayan.

The chief minister also cleared the air over the conduct of examinations for higher classes.

“Examinations to class 10 and 12 have now been charted and all arrangements have to be ensured by the education authorities for the smooth conduct. There were some confusion on it but today the Centre has given the sanction for it,” added Vijayan.

He urged the people in isolation and quarantine to diligently follow the guidelines.

“Today, there is no vaccine or medicines as yet and hence we have to be extremely careful as cases here are increasing by the day. Those in isolation and quarantine have to maintain strict discipline,” said Vijayan.

He pointed out that at present there are 73,865 people under observation in homes while 533 are in various hospitals.

The total hotspot areas continue to be 33.

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