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New Delhi:

Reacting to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s statement that states will have to take his permission if they employ migrant workers from UP, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said “absolute absurd position”.

Rahul Gandhi was addressing a press conference on Tuesday.

When asked about UP Chief Minister’s statement, he said, “Its unfortunate, people are Indians first and then they belong to any state.”

“Its people of India to decide where they want to go to fulfil their dreams.” Rahul Gandhi said it is not the chief minister who will decide who wants to go where to earn and live.

Yogi Adityanath on Monday had said that his government will lay down stringent conditions for ensuring social security of workers from UP who are hired by other states.

“Other states will also need to seek permission from his government before engaging workers from UP,” he said while addressing a webinar on Sunday.

The Chief Minister stated, “If any state wants manpower, the state government will have to guarantee social security and insurance of the workers. Without our permission they will not be able to take our people,” he said.

He said all migrant workers who have returned to the state were being registered and their skills were being mapped by the administration. Any state or entity interested in hiring them will need to take care of their social, legal and monetary rights.

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