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New Delhi:

The Delhi Medical Association on Sunday slammed Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for warning and threatening the hospitals about the COVID-19 patients’ admissions and tests. It also condemned the move to lodge FIR against private COVID facility, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi.

In a press statement, the association said 15,000 members and all branches of the DMA strongly condemn such behaviour by the Delhi Government and the way Delhi Chief Minister is warning the doctors and threatening the hospitals.

“Doctors who are serving the people of Delhi tirelessly for the last two months in this pandemic crisis risking their lives feel insulted by the way they are being treated,” said the association.

It also added, “Hospitals are the backbone of healthcare and are serving the patients, COVID or non-Covid. They are being penalized and the government instead of praising their efforts is issuing new dictates (‘farman’) daily. Sir Ganga Ram hospital and its doctors, who have saved lakhs of lives in the last decades, are being penalised and threatened. The FIR on Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is highly condemnable and demoralizing for the whole medical fraternity.”

The association has demanded a coordination committee of the DMA Medical Professionals with the Delhi government officials to look after the all health care facilities and proper management of corona crises and a nodal Officer for every one region or area who facilitates overall functioning of the COVID Care. “Every hospital and nursing home giving COVID care should have a dedicated testing Lab Facilities,” it said, adding “smooth and timely transfer of severely sick patients to higher tertiary care Centre. It also demanded that in case of COVID death, a prompt and efficient system to transport and cremate the body as per guidelines should be made.

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