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New Delhi:

Delhi Congress on Wednesday demanded a white paper on the Kejriwal government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Delhi Congress chief Anil Kumar Chaudhary said that due to the inaction and incompetence of the Kejriwal government, the people of Delhi are facing the spectre of a fast spread of Coronavirus, with the Delhi Government raising its hands in helplessness.

Delhi Congress chief Anil Kumar Chaudhary said that Kejriwal has squandered a “golden opportunity” to improve the health infrastructure to check the spread of the virus, as Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Delhi started on March 23, 2020 and Kejriwal had enough time on his hands.

“Kejriwal has misled the people of Delhi before and is still doing so. What was he doing till now? They have not visited any hospitals to check preparedness nor have they checked availability of food so far,” said Chaudhary.

The Congress has launched a ‘Speak up Delhi’ campaign. Party social media head Rohan Gupta said, “We stand with Delhiites in their hour of crisis. We will continue to do our duty. It is not a Congress campaign, but a public campaign. We will not lag behind in our responsibility.”

Gupta launched website for Delhiites to share their pain and grief for their redressal.

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