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New Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said the country is fighting a twin battle against China.

Kejriwal said, “Our country is fighting a twin battle against China. First, our doctors are fighting against Chinese virus and second, India’s brave soldiers are fighting China on the border.”

The chief minister termed the coronavirus as ‘Chinese virus’. He said, “Just as the brave soldiers of our country are facing China on the border, similarly health workers within the country are fighting against the coronavirus.

Kejriwal said, “As our 20 jawans did not retreat while guarding the border in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh, we will also not retreat. We have arranged corona beds on a war footing. There are about 7,000 beds for Covid-19 patients in Delhi at the moment. Don’t worry. We will not allow the lack of beds come in the way of treating corona patients at all.”

Kejriwal said the number of tests in Delhi has also been increased. Earlier there used to be 5,000 tests per day in Delhi, whereas now 18,000 tests are being done in Delhi every day.

The Delhi Chief Minister said that the government will provide oximeters to the corona patients in home isolation. With this equipment, corona patients will be able to measure the level of oxygen in their body.

He also said that the Delhi government is getting full support from the central government in the fight against coronavirus.

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