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New Delhi:

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has to do better than just the email that they sent to inform Sanjita Chanu that she has been cleared of doping charges, the 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist said.

“I was informed on June 10 via an email that the IWF is dropping the charges against me. I always knew I did nothing wrong, this was their mistake. And now that my chances of qualifying for the Olympics is over, they have sent me this email saying everything is fine. I sent a mail asking them these questions and I am yet to get answers on this,” she told IANS on Thursday.

Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) Secretary General Sahdev Yadav confirmed that Chanu is set to win the Arjuna Award that she was supposed to win in 2018 but she says her chances of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics has been sabotaged due to the IWF’s callous handling of the matter. The 26-year-old had tested positive for a banned substance in May 2018.

“I have faced humiliation because of this and the last two years have been a constant mental struggle. I did not play any competitions. So now they have to think about what they will do for the two years of my career that they have destroyed,” she said.

“There is no chance for me now to qualify for the Olympics. That is why I want to know why they did this to me. I did not feel like facing anyone or talking to anyone. I didn’t do anything wrong and still, I was being humiliated.

“Two years is a very long time in a lifter’s career. Every sportsperson dreams of participating in the Olympics and winning a medal for the country. That is the biggest dream and that has been destroyed by the international federation.”

Chanu said that she wants to now participate in any competition that would come her way but she doesn’t know how she will prepare for them. “I have stayed away a little bit from lifting these past two years and now with the lockdown, I don’t know how I will prepare myself. I don’t really have any equipment at home. Hopefully, something comes up,” she said.

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