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Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra has co-authored a digital book titled “The Magic Immunity Pill: Lifestyle”, with Luke Coutinho, a holistic lifestyle coach associated with integrative medicine. The book focusses on emotional wellness, quality sleep, balanced nutrition and adequate exercise to build a strong immune system.

“It’s been such a rich and learning experience working on this book with Luke Coutinho. Today when we are hit by this global health calamity, we are trying our best to stay healthy, for that I believe it’s a prerequisite to have a really strong immune system. While all want it, many don’t know or are apathetic towards achieving it, hence this book is timely,” she said.

“We have addressed important factors like emotional wellness, quality sleep, balanced nutrition and adequate exercise, which together keep the body and mind balanced, and balance is the key. This book is available online free and recommend it to one and all as it’s the need of the hour,” she added.

On the Bollywood front, Shilpa will be next seen in “Nikamma”. She’s also been roped in for Priyadarshan’s “Hungama 2”.

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