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The Tamil Nadu Bank Employees’ Federation (TNBEF) has given a strike call for August 20 to protest against the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) guideline regarding 100 per cent staff at bank branches and restoration of normal banking hours in the state.

TNBEF, affiliated to All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA), pointed out in a statement here that the Tamil Nadu government had extended the lockdown till August 31 and no public (bus/train) transport was thus available to the staff to reach their respective bank branches.

“There is no alternative method of transportation available, except to walk down to the branch like the migrant workers were forced to,” the union said.

“The managements have not bothered to make arrangements for taxis, vans, or chartered vehicles etc to enable employees to reach the banks for duty. Even in the buses run by the government for essential services’ workers and its employees etc, bank staff are not being allowed, even though banking is also an essential service,” the statement said.

The union also said that bank branch premises are not that large and hence social distancing norms cannot be adhered to if all employees are present at one time.

Demanding restrictions on banking hours, it demanded 50 per cent of the branch staff should attend the office till public transport is restored.

It also said pregnant women be exempted from attending office, the continuation of roster system, and work-from-home norms.

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