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San Francisco:

Amid uncertainties surrounding its business in the US, TikTok has launched an app on Amazon Fire TV devices, the media reported.

Called “More on TikTok,” it is the first TV app from ByteDance-owned short video-sharing app, Business Insider reported on Thursday.

The app will give users access to curated video playlists, compilations from TikTok mobile app and interviews with creators, among other content, an Amazon spokesperson Delaney Simmons told The Verge.

The “More on TikTok” app will be free to use, but it will not include advertisements initially.

It will also not ask for login or account information as it is a view-only channel.

So users will not be able to upload videos or exchange coins on the channel.

The app is now available via all Amazon Fire TV devices in the US, The Verge report said.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday issued an executive order prohibiting it from doing business with US firms after a month and a half.

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