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New Delhi:

National carrier Air India has prescribed a dress code for employees and warned against casual attire like t-shirt and jeans and keeping an unkempt look.

In a circular issued on August 25, Air India has prescribed that “Employees must at all times look well groomed, professional and should not wear casual clothes like shorts, T-shirts, polos, jeans, slippers, sandals, ripped jeans, flip flops, too tight, too flowy, short, low cut or transparent clothes”.

“The clothes should be well ironed and neat”, the circular said. Air India has also warned against an unkempt look. “Avoid an unkempt look, such as the unshaven face or ruffled hair. Besides, all employees will have to maintain personal hygiene,” the circular prescribed.

These violations may invite action. “Management reserves the right to take action for violations if any,” Air India said.

“We are confident that each employee will use their best judgement when maintaining proper attire and appearance,” the circular said.

The company said that attire has an impact on its image. “Every employee is a brand ambassador of Air India and his or her appearance demeanor has an impact on the image of the company,” it said.

“Wherever office uniforms are prescribed, it shall be the official attire of the employees. Where no uniforms are assigned, all employees irrespective of their grades whether permanent, temporary, contractual, apprentices, full time, part-time, casuals, interns, etc shall come to work in clothes appropriate to the workplace,” Air India has told employees.

“Men should wear proper formal trousers and shirts and for women employees, it is formal Indian or Western attire,” it said.

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