Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. (File Photo: IANS)
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After a long gap, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday again held his customary press briefing after the daily Covid review meeting and said that despite the numbers rising, the state has done well in keeping things under control.

“Compared with the figures of cases in other south Indian states, Kerala has done well in keeping down the numbers. Other indicators also show Kerala has done well. Break the chain campaign will now have to be strengthened,” he said.

On Thursday, the number of new cases in the state stood at 2,406, while 2,067 people have recovered.

“We were able to do well on various indicators because of the cooperation of the people and the sincere work of all the staff members involved in fighting Covid,” said Vijayan.

“We are one state where Covid treatment is free in the government sector while in the private sector, there is a fixed tariff. Our present aim is to keep the death rate as low as possible and it stands at 8 deaths per 10 lakh population,” he added.

Meanwhile, even with the daily number of cases rising and with the harvest festival Onam beginning and Thiru Onam being celebrated on Sunday, there have been relaxations.

Under this, the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation will operate services across the state till Wednesday.

“To have the Onam lunch is a sort of right for all Keralites and we have decided to distribute pension and salaries in advance, even when the financial situation is not that bright. Ex-gratia payments will be made to employees in the cashew sector besides food kits also will be given, as they have no work for long,” said Vijayan.

At present, the state has 22,673 active cases, while 43,761 people have been cured. There are 1,93,925 people under observation at various places, including 18,412 people in various hospitals. There are 604 hotspots.

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