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What is The Woke Journal?

The Woke Journal is a  startup digital platform serving daily news focusing on India. From our surveys, it was evident, that the new Digital Platforms that did not have a mainstream print counterpart increasingly served opinions rather than hard news. Most of the opinions were generated and propagated by social media feeds. The emergence of fake news and viral news, the ten things list news was how young minds were forming political opinions in these critical and sensitive times.

The Woke Journal was thus founded in Mumbai in 2017 by a couple of like-minded individuals skilled in alternate media platforms who wanted to revive the tradition of hard news and ground reports with the true digital capabilities.

Our single most mission is to use the digital space as a true alternate space, using data, searchable text and images, feedback links, widgets, archives to build a story for you. Our stories are edited to serve the public to focus on their daily political engagement against the numerous forms of power.

As digital spaces are becoming the norm, the intellectual spaces created as a by-product are becoming exceedingly fragmented. We at TWJ are not shy to declare we are biased in our objectivity. We are biased towards the news and the people. We strongly believe the common notion of two sides of the story is two different narratives altogether, and not a single one.

We encourage new writers with innovative ideas in storytelling, as well as established journalists who want to contribute a single story that you cannot get published in your paper, and whistleblowers among the establishment and dominant social structure. We will e-print if a story serves to connect with the broader social and political environment, participate in documenting history in its truest and honest form.

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