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Distress calls from Kerala’s celebrated ‘marine army’: Story of Chellanam, TWJ investigates

Chellanam:Roseline 42, and her 86-year old mother were alone in her house the day sea turned rough. She realised that sea water was entering her house only when it rose to the level of...

In conversation with Appupen

Appupen, the comic artist and the man behind Moonward, Brainded India, The legends of Halahala, and Aspyrus, lives a dual life. His alternate world of Halahala runs parallel to ours and his tales give...

Payal Tadvi case: Crime Branch gets partial custody of 3 doctors

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Thursday denied the Mumbai police Crime Branch full custody of three doctors accused of abetting fellow professional Payal Tadvi’s suicide, the Hindu reported. Instead, the court has granted the...

In the midst of #RebuildingKerala, did Kerala Government selectively forget the KPMG Scam?

The efforts taken by Kerala government to deal with the disaster-stricken state was well appreciated. But is it that it totally forgot to check on the companies that offered help? Or is it that the state selectively forgot the KPMG Scam? Is the flood situation just another PR campaign for the MNC to regain the credibility it lost? Well, these are questions one still have to find answers for as the situation unravels.

With Love from Jakarta; The Swapna Barman Story

She is no more the 12 toed athlete but the first Indian heptathlete to win a gold medal in Asian games. In an interview given to Reuters after the feat, Swapna said "After all, nobody from India won a heptathlon gold at the Asian Games before. I hope people will now remember me more for winning the gold than for my toes. It's like a new identity for me."

Delhi University AISA President Alleges Attack, ABVP Denies the Accusation

Responding to TWJ correspondent AISA All India President Sucheta De said, “This is a part of BJP’s politics. It is a part of their game plan. This is what the ABVP and BJP government have been trying to do for the longest time; to unleash terror and hooliganism against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the ideologies of RSS.“

Monsanto v/s Dewayne Johnson: Court Orders Monsanto to Pay $298 Million

Monsanto, the multinational corporation based in St Louis, the USA now holds the patent for more than 90% GM crops. This is to be seen seriously because; the company now has the potential to control the agriculture sector around the globe.

Radhika Vemula Receives Promised Sum from IUML: Controversy Ends

It was two years back, during the peak of the Rohith Movement, that IUML promised an assistance of 25 Lakh rupees to his family to build a house.

Declare Kerala Floods as National Disaster: Students Slam BJP Government

“We all need to pressurize the central government. Kerala is also part of the Indian Union. We need to show minimum responsibility to the citizens of Kerala. This is not the time to play politics. We are demanding a very basic thing. Justice is not done in Kerala and we demand it. Right now, PM is there in Kerala. If you are waiting for your PR work to be done and then send help that is not what we expect. Save our lives and then do your PR,” Arundathi added.

Dalit Research Scholar Arrested from Central University of Kerala, Students Alleges Foulplay

Earlier he was slapped with a memo accusing him of having instigated the protest carried out by the people from Kalam Nagar, who were displaced for the construction of the University

Student Commits Suicide In University Of Hyderabad: 3rd Suicide in 3 Months

Parmar had written in his diary that he is unable to share his problems with people in the University and his family is not willing to listen to his issues. The letter which was found in the room was addressed to the Chief Warden asking for permission to vacate the hostel.

Demands Met, 14 Day Hunger Strike Ends at Calcutta Medical College

14-day long hunger strike at Calcutta Medical College and hospital comes to an end after authorities accepted the demands of students on hostel accommodation. The hunger strike was called off on 23rd July after receiving a written assurance from college authorities.

Manipur University Protest: All You Need To Know

Imphal:Manipur University was shut down for the past few weeks due to the ongoing protests of students demanding the removal of Adya Prasad as the Vice Chancellor. The protest that started on May 30,...

Who will cry when you die?: The Brutal Murder Of A Young Student Leader...

To everyone visiting his house, Parijit was showing the two books that Abhimanyu had in his bag. “Motorcycle Diaries” of Che Guevara and a Malayalam translation of a self-help book of Robin Sharma “Who will cry when you die?”

Student Strike Continues At Manipur University. In Conversation with MUSU President M.Dayaman

Its been 53 days and neither the central nor the state government has taken any concrete steps regarding the issue. The first sitting of the legislative assembly of the monsoon session happened yesterday. There wasn’t any discussion about this campus agitation. This isn’t just an issue that should be confined to the campus. This is an issue of the state. It has received national importance. 86 affiliated colleges are affected by the agitations. We are going to kharao the second sitting on Monday, the 23rd. We will march to the legislative assembly. This is the plan of action as of now.

“Why should we leave? We belong here” In Conversation With Gomati Akka

The land issue is one major problem that we are facing. After Pembulai Orumai protest, in 2015, the issue was not given any further importance. I’m waiting for the weather to clear up. I’ll fight alone. This land belongs to us. It doesn’t matter who joins and are not joining. I’ll fight.

#EqualInReelandReal, 14 More Women Artists Reject A.M.M.A

“Cinema being a medium that Malayalis immensely love, we are obliged to open all possible ways for the future generation to create cinema that transcends caste, gender and religious disparities” closes the statement.

SFI activist stabbed to death at Maharajas College, 3 held by police

In his opinion, the fact that CFI are not even ready to condemn the issue shows their true self. “Even if a verbal fight happened, is this how you respond? What historical context can they lay down to justify this act? Both his parents are plantation workers from Idukki. He comes from an economically and socially underprivileged section. He is one of the first person to pursue higher studies from his village. It is all those struggles which went vain yesterday”, he added.

Film Industry Slams A.M.M.A, 130 Sign Press Release Condemning Dileep Reinstatement

Kamal also said that Malayalam film industry had always been misogynistic and patriarchal. And it is in this context that there arises an ethical need to reform the existing system. “WCC is taking a historically important step and it is our responsibility as filmmakers to stand in solidarity with them. The present system is extremely exploitative and corrupt”, he added. Kamal also dismissed the speculation regarding an alternative organization.

Chennai-Salem Green Corridor Protests: All You Need to Know

Responding to TWJ correspondent Students Uprising Movement for Social Welfare (SUMS) representative Dinesh said, “Operation Samadhaan which is launched to tackle the Naxal problem is used to suppress people’s movement in the state. A group of students who were distributing notices were also arrested. There is no space for political opposition. We will fight back.”

We Are Living In A Lawless Society: Nilanjana Roy

I am a CPM member. Obviously, I would be speaking in favor of CPM. But you can ask others as well. The kind of protection left government provided for women is no more. Last day a Hindu woman was beaten up for being in love with a Muslim man. No FIR was filed in that incident. We are living in a lawless society.

Dr. Kafeel Khan’s brother shot at Gorakhpur

Death threats and state violence is becoming an everyday story in the BJP ruling country. It was last week that Vadgam MLA Jignesh Mevani and BASO leader Umar Khalid received death threats from a person who identified himself as Ravi Pujari, a fugitive gangster. Dr. Kafeel had shared a stage with Jignesh Mevani in a programme that happened in Kerala. In incidents of similar color, Suresh Oraon, anti-coal mine activist was shot dead in Jharkhand and Nilanjana Roy, SFI state president was attacked in Tripura by BJP goons. The police have registered a case against unidentified attackers.

If I Am Killed BJP Would Be The Happiest, Jignesh Mevani Responds

Jignesh also added that the issue was raised at the Gujarat assembly. “We have already submitted a memorandum to the DGP and district collector. However, my security is not upgraded putting my life intentionally at risk. If I am killed BJP would be the happiest. This speaks volumes about their dubious intentions. All I have got to say is we will fight it out, “responded him.

Bhima-Koregaon Case: Jignesh Mevani likely to be summoned

Talking to a TWJ correspondent Jignesh said that calling Ambedarites as Maoists and arresting them is a pre-planned conspiracy. He also said,” The kind of stories that some of the media houses are running are absolutely baseless. It smells of a large, massive conspiracy for the Modi government in particular and RSS in general.” He also added that the way they have maligned the name of Prakash Ambedkar, the grandson of Ambedkar is quite cheap.

5 Dalit Activists Booked in Bhima-Koregaon Violence Case after Mlti-city Ops

The event that marked the 200th anniversary was attended by thousands of people and incidents of stone pelting were reported. In the protest, four were injured a man was killed. Following this, Maharashtra bandh was called by Dalit groups on 3 January 2018. As the protest intensified more than 100 of the protestors were detained by the police. Earlier, Members of Kabir Kala Manch were also arrested for the same charges.

NEET Suicide: Tamil Nadu Govt Announces Rs 7 lakh Relief

This is not an emotional issue. This is not an issue that shall be discussed after every suicide. It is basically a constitutional question. It is about federal rights and social security measures that the state government keeps in place.”He added that a reaction can only be expected if there is a sensible person on the seat. “The state assembly has discussed the issue and have passed two bills. What prevents them from implementing the same,” asked him

University of Hyderabad Bans Student Run Helpdesks

The university has also made it clear that new students and aspirants who are availing assistance from the student-run help desk will immediately be disqualified. “This is more like a Khap panchayat ruling where the caste Hindus decide and Dalit Bahujans are forced to follow,” opines Donta Prashanth.

Delhi Strike: Farmers to Observe Mandsaur Demonstration Anniversary

The farmers have raised many demands, the major one of it being the implementation of Swaminathan commission report. Other demands include a loan waiver and better prices for the farm produce. The agitation which began on Friday with “Gaon Bandh” was peaceful till date.

Political Violence in Tripura Continues, Nilanjana Roy attacked by BJP

Talking to TWJ correspondent All India president of SFI VP Sanu said, ”This incident cannot be seen in isolation. Many such attacks are being unleashed on party members by BJP, since its inception as ruling party in the state. The entire family of Nilanjana was attacked. The message RSS is trying to disseminate is that any dissenting voice would be brutally suppressed.”

Is BJP Killing Their Own Workers For Political Gains?

In the recent past, BJP had been using political violence against them as a major tactic to grow in the states where the party does not have a solid ground. If the news doing the rounds are to be believed, the party is playing these politics by murdering its own members.

Is It The Beginning Of The End to the “Modi-Wave” ?

The news from Kairana was a shocker for NDA. The Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), candidate Tabassum Hasan, backed by SP-BSP-Congress combine won with a whopping margin of 44,600 votes. While responding to media, Tabassum said, “Kairana me hi BJP ko dafan karna” (We had to bury BJP in Kairana)

UGC Circular on Faculty Reservation, DUTA on Warpath

The DU administration has taken no visible steps in the resolution of issues regarding appointment, promotions, and pension. The DUTA GBM demanded that if the HRD Minister and the DU VC cannot resolve the urgent and long pending demands of teachers, they should both resign.”

Youth to protest against custodial death under LDF Government in Kerala

As far as the reports show, around 16 custodial deaths happened in Kerala within the two years of Pinaray Vijayan led LDF government. While the second-anniversary celebrations of the government are going on at the capital city, Trivandrum,  never have a government representative responded regarding these deaths or their failure in handling the Home ministry.

Protest Ban at IIT Kharagpur, Dean Calls Students ‘Anti-National’ Protesters Physically Handled

Students have demanded that Prof. Somesh Kumar must withdraw his “anti-national” statement and refrain from making such comments in the future. Mr Sushil Kumar Choubey, the assistant security officer should publicly apologize for arrogant behaviour and physically handling the students and that the administration should re-establish the fundamental rights granted to all citizens of the country by the Constitution in the campus premises, they said.

‘Caste is the Reality, Quota Ain’t no Charity,’ Sumeet Samos is Rapping About Reservation...

Hey Dalits and Adivasis / When we gonna be free, he asks and offers a solution when he says 'You need to resurrect through Jai Bhim.'

‘Your Lawyer Friend,’ A Legal Aid for Students from Students

'Your Lawyer Friend' (YLF), an initiative taken up by Legal Collective for Students Rights (LCSR) intended for legally aiding and protecting the right causes of students is continuing on its path of assisting students with legalities. The group assists students sued by authorities, who seek legal protection and those facing similar issues that have become common in educational institutions

PhD Scholar From University of Hyderabad Attempts Suicide in Hostel

A 25-year-old Ph.D. scholar from Odisha attempted suicide by immolating herself in University of Hyderabad (UoH). The incident happened at around 1 am yesterday (May 16, 2018) in Ladies Hostel 7. The reason, though not officially confirmed, is said to be depression, as per the statement given by the police to different media houses. The student was immediately taken to a corporate hospital and was later shifted to Osmania General Hospital. She suffered 50 per cent burn injuries in the incident