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How Safe Is The World In The Post Trump-Kim Summit?

 Monday, June 18, 2018  |  1 Comment

K. M Seethi writes, about the Western imperialistic designs on the discriminatory application of Non-Proliferation Treaty and the need for an urgent review and amendment of its provisions. He argues the pressing need of a universal disarmament to stop the arms race of nations. How safe is the world in the post-Trump-Kim Summit?

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Echoes from the Meadows : The story of Gujjar Bakerwal Community

 Monday, May 21, 2018  |  No Comments

The Gujjars are currently spread across many nations and continents, with their diaspora scattered from London to Germany to Canada and many other major cities of the world. Their population is majorly concentrated in India, Pakistan, and northeastern Afghanistan.

This article will discuss the Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir state; their socio-political and economic profile, the questions of identity, recognition, and redistribution; the specter of development and the assault of the right-wing forces, and the corresponding displacement of the tribals from their pastures, their meadows, and their homeland.

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Reclaiming and Celebrating Dalit Histories

 Tuesday, May 8, 2018  |  No Comments

Caste has its impact on the core of the Indian society. The Dalits once obscured as untouchables, are perhaps one of the world’s best-kept secrets. As is the life and work of Dr. B R Ambedkar; one of the world’s most influential yet one of the most underappreciated protagonists from the makers of India.

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A Heretic Hartal of Kerala – Dismantling of the Patriarchal Figure

 Tuesday, May 1, 2018  |  No Comments

Sadik, who participated in the same, remembered that a similar incident occurred, after Babri Masjid demolition. People immediately took to the streets and observed Hartal without any announcement or authority. He also added that most of the people who observed the Hartal, who blocked vehicles, who requested to shut down the shops did not express any affiliation to any political parties. Also, these were largely either manual laborers, (loading and unloading laborers) or students.

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India’s Global South Policy in a Melting Pot

 Friday, April 20, 2018  |  Comments Off on India’s Global South Policy in a Melting Pot

Indeed, some of the significant developments such as the emergence of the United States as the hegemonic power, the ‘peaceful’ rise of China, the steady growth of trading blocs, including regional, trans-regional as well as multilateral trading arrangements, all called for diverse modes of foreign policy engagements.

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April is Dalit History Month

 Wednesday, April 11, 2018  |  Comments Off on April is Dalit History Month

Despite being the first law minister in India and with a doctoral degree in Economics, his policy contributions to nation-building, policy initiatives in natural resource management, industrial policy, finance and labour rights, people revere his memory for his scholarship and leadership in the sphere of religion.

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Ethical Self and Anthropological Challenges

 Monday, April 9, 2018  |  Comments Off on Ethical Self and Anthropological Challenges

The death of two important personalities, Saba Mahmood and Rohith Vemula, in a span of two years, has brought out the most pressing question of ‘self’, in action — or actionable self. Currently, as the Education system is undergoing a tremendous overhaul, one needs to encapsulate these questions of self to build a future framework in the education paradigm.

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Has Modi Become ‘Defenceless’ in Times of ‘Make in India’?

 Thursday, March 29, 2018  |  Comments Off on Has Modi Become ‘Defenceless’ in Times of ‘Make in India’?

India’s arms imports were estimated to be 12 percent of the global arms transfers. According to Siemon Wezeman, a senior official with the Arms and Military Expenditure Programme of the SIPRI, “The tensions between India, on the one side, and Pakistan and China, on the other, are fuelling India’s growing demand for major weapons, which it remains unable to produce itself…China, by contrast, is becoming increasingly capable of producing its own weapons and continues to strengthen its relations with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar through arms supplies.

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Shamir Reuben, An Assault on Poetry

 Wednesday, March 14, 2018  |  No Comments

In Asad Alvi’s column, in Dawn “Never marry a poet or join a leftist party-and other lessons from Pakistani Feminists’, Alvi argues that the failure to include the personal and the political as one category within art circles have created an unhealthy and toxic atmosphere against women. He asks, “In the end, we must ask ourselves: how do we talk about the arts and culture without reproducing the very inequalities that we seek to highlight and critique?”

The article also has an elaborate interview with Attiya Dawood who penned Sindh ki Aurat sapney sai tak (Women of Sindh: From Illusion to Truth). Dawood’s book is a collection of feminist essays where she breaks down the other side of ‘popular male poets’. While recounting the life of Ayaz to Alvi, Dawood talks about Ayaz’s wife who was left alone every time the poet had to be solitary. She also outlines the stories of several such poets who were misogynistic in their private lives, while pursuing their work. On a similar vein, Reuben unabashedly used his ‘periods of depression’ as an excuse to demand nudes. In several screenshots, a complainant even spoke about his deliberate attempt at misusing feminist perceptions on body insecurities to his advantage.

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Our #UnFair Love Relationship With Mark Zuckerberg

 Saturday, March 3, 2018  |  No Comments

While we at first believed that this attack was by a right polarised bigoted group of persons, today we realise and are aware that the ‘reporting’ to Facebook against Un-Fair Web and its consequent blocking and ban was made possible by our politically liberal, central and left (so-called ideological leaning) acquaintances. Most of our near familiars question our intentions, whether we are or not: ‘black’, ‘dalit’, ‘bahujan’, ‘adivasi’, ‘chinki’, ‘SC’, ‘ST’ or OBC – as we constantly find ourselves being ‘black-balled’ by friends, society and institutions for sharing and professing our views. This continuous societal ostracizing, today affects our means and modes of livelihoods and daily sustenance.

As a result, the impact is an immense pressure being constantly applied to make the work and voice copyrightable and owned and taken away from a community of people and silenced. Continuously we find all that a community has spoken and its knowledge – ERASED. While our friends, journalists, artists, performers, curators remain silent claiming to be objective and not political. We say to you is this, “With every ‘WORD’ you write and profess, there always is a politic, and thus remains all that you do not say, yet constantly by usurping positions of power, platforms of space and voice – you erase, obliterate and annihilate in your quest for power and privilege.”

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